About Kirby

Kirby is a Windows Phone client for App.net. Kirby has a clean user interface, makes efficient use of your bandwidth and will intelligently load posts in the background.

Click here to read about version 1.4.


The current version of Kirby has the basics of App.net covered. The key features are:

  • View your stream, mentions, starred posts and the global stream
  • Background loading of both newer and older posts as you scroll
  • Pull-to-refresh to check for latest posts
  • Inline image viewing
  • Star, repost and quote a post
  • View profiles, follow other users and mute the noisy ones
  • Create a new post or reply/reply-all to an existing post
  • Add one or more links and pictures to a post
  • View all posts in the same thread or using the same hashtag
  • Multi-account support
  • Notifications and a live tile
  • Windows Phone 8 resolution support
  • Windows Phone 8 wide tile and lock screen support

Future plans

I'm planning the next release for early March 2014. I'm hoping to have at least post and user interactions completed for the March release. My full wish list of features is below:

  • Viewing post and user interactions
  • Private messaging
  • Explore streams
  • Stream markers
  • Improved thread visualisation
  • Username auto-completion
  • Search for posts and users
  • Places (geo-location annotation and checkin)
  • Blocking and reporting spam
  • Updating your profile

If you can think of other features I should add, then please get in touch using the details below.


If you need any help, have any suggestions or feedback, then please get in touch. Contact @kirby on App.net or email kirbyapp@outlook.com.


Kirby uses Telerik's awesome Windows Phone controls.

Most icons were produced using the excellent Metro Studio from Syncfusion.

Kirby uses the popular and high performance JSON.NET library developed by James Newton-King.

Portions of the DotNetZip class libarary have been used based on work by Microsoft, Dino Chiesa, JCraft Inc, Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.

What's New

5th February 2014

Version 1.4 of Kirby is now (finally) available in the store. The changes for this release are:

  • New: Push notifications and live tile for replies, mentions, follows, reposts and stars. You can turn each type on/off individually for each account. At the moment you are limited to 500 notifications per phone per day.
  • New: Windows 8 "iconic tile" support (large/medium/small). The small/medium tile shows the number of notifications since you last ran Kirby. The large tile also shows the last three notifications.
  • New: Choose Kirby in the Windows Phone lock screen settings - for both quick and detailed status.
  • New: Inline images - by default images display if WiFi connected or better. This can be controlled by a setting.
  • New: Override the phone theme (light/dark and accent color).
  • New: View images on their own page with pan, zoom and save to library.
  • New: View avatar images at bigger size by tapping on them.
  • New: Show conversation icon in post list.
  • Fixed: Various performance improvements.

Note: There are a still a couple of improvements to make to the push notifications feature. Firstly, notifications are not displayed whilst Kirby is running. Secondly, toast notifications don't "deep link" into the appropriate places within Kirby. I'm planning to address both of these in the the March 2014 release.

7th June 2013

Version 1.3 of Kirby is now available in the store. This release allows you to add one or more pictures to your posts. The full list of changes are:

  • New: Picture upload - add one or more pictures to your post
  • Fixed: When deactivate and reactivated, Kirby would sometimes throw an error
  • Fixed: When quoting a post, the post being replied to was not getting set
  • Fixed: The order of some app-bar buttons was not consistent with common apps
  • Fixed: The hyperlink icon was not visible when using the light theme
18th May 2013

Version 1.2 of Kirby hit the store today. This release adds multi-account support allowing you to add more than one App.net account and quickly switch between each one. The other major feature is improved support for Windows Phone 8 - in particular support for the additional screen resolutions that are possible with Windows Phone 8. The full list of changes are:

  • New: Multi-account support - add more than one account and quickly switch between them
  • New: Improved Windows Phone 8 support - better use of screen space on 720p devices
  • New: My profile - quickly navigate to your own profile page from the main menu.
  • New: Unauthenticated use- browse the global stream without being logged in
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, starring a reposted post did not work correctly

The new photo upload feature was not ready in time for this release. It is coming along though, so it won't be long now.

4th May 2013

Version 1.1 of Kirby was released today. This release allows you to provide alternative text for hyperlinks. Kirby will highlight and track the position of the link(s) - allowing you to continue editing the post. This has also enabled me to add "quote" support - you can quote a post and add your own comments even when the original post contains links. The full list of changes for this release are:

  • New: Link entities - add hyperlinks to a post and specify alternative text
  • New: Quote post - Repost a post, quoting the original and adding your own comments
  • Fixed: When creating a post, the "remaining characters" count was sometimes wrong
  • Fixed: When viewing a post, "reply all" was sometimes displayed when not needed
  • Fixed: Kirby will now detect when reauthentication is required and show the login screen
  • Fixed: When scrolling backwards more than 250 posts, refreshes sometimes became jumpy
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, reposting a repost did not work correctly

The link entity work in this release will make attaching photos to a post fairly straightforward. I plan to have 1.2 out within a week or two supporting photos. In the meantime, many thanks to everyone who has already purchased Kirby. It is appreciated and I promise to do everything I can to make Kirby a superb client.

10th April 2013

The first version of Kirby was released today. You can see it in the Windows Store here. This version covers the basics of App.net. More features are planned over the coming weeks.